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CarGarantie: Warranty models

Custom-made warranty models – CarGarantie offers the right solution for every requirement!

Every car dealership has its own individual requirements of warranty insurance. The attitude towards risk can vary greatly from one dealer to another. That is why CarGarantie offers the right solution for every requirement: the classic CG insurance and repair cost mode without any risk, the needs-based dealer's self-funded warranty from CarGarantie or the CG-Freeweb warranty processing system on the Internet. With CarGarantie, dealers receive everything from a single source! This means they can also switch effortlessly between the different warranty models – with CarGarantie they always have an experienced partner!

Under the CarGarantie insurance model, the CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG company bears the full risk and offers you optimised all-round service.

  • The perfect warranty and customer loyalty products for every need
  • Complete assumption of the risk for insured repair costs
  • Personal advice, training and support from field representatives
  • Claims hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Europe
  • Support from CG ServiceCenter
  • Claims settlement and payment within a few days
  • Individual marketing conceptions and comprehensive marketing support
  • Commission and reimbursement models
  • Extensive management information

The benefits for you:

  • Individual products that meet your needs
  • Less work for your own staff due to all-round service from CG throughout the whole warranty process
  • Securing of liquidity and positive rating
  • Free advice, training, CG software
  • Neutral damage evaluation, differentiation between warranty and guarantee
  • Strengthening of image through additional marketing measures
  • Neutral, reliable controlling as part of the warranty
  • More resources for your core business

CarGarantie's dealer self-funded warranty offers optimal support in connection with warranty management and claims processing, with the risk being borne by the dealer.

  • External processing/claims management and controlling from CG at your own risk
  • Development of dealer´s self-funded warranty based on market and needs
  • Warranty management
  • Claims processing
  • Recommendation for reserve amounts
  • Marketing support
  • Individual evaluations
  • Extensive management information

The benefits for you:

  • Optimal support for the dealer's fund
  • Neutral evaluation and processing of claims
  • Better risk calculation
  • Support with cost/process optimisation
  • Assistance with training and marketing concepts
  • Neutral controlling
  • Legally verified warranty documents
  • High planning reliability