Legal liability for defects – Residual Risk Insurance

Legal liability for defects – Residual Risk Insurance: Protection in case of legal liability for defects

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In the aftermath of increased consumer protection regulations when making vehicle purchases, the demands of end consumers have gone through the roof. So, get protection from material defects liability claims and be on the safe side.

  • Additional insurance to the warranty that covers legal liability for defects
  • Legal advice and support from the CG CallCenterRecht (CG Legal Call Centre)
  • Handling of all correspondence
  • Assumption of all legal costs in the event of a dispute
  • Legal representation and assistance in court

The benefits for you:

  • Complete coverage of financial risks due to legal liability for defects
  • Promotion of customer satisfaction
  • Time saving
  • Legal security and representation by judicial experts
  • Avoidance of disputes and trouble

Contact and service

Contact and service