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E-BikeGarantie by CarGarantie

E-BikeGarantie by CarGarantie: make full use of your earnings potential

In E-Bike-Garantie by CarGarantie, dealerships have an ideal service and performance package that sets them apart from their competitors and the private market. Benefit from the many advantages that a partnership with CarGarantie brings you!

  • Upgraded representation of your e-bikes
  • Optimal cover
  • Reimbursement of repair and spare parts costs as well as transportation costs
  • Can be concluded as part of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Only wear and tear parts, accessories and self-incurred damage excluded from cover

The benefits for you:

  • Enhances the image and quality of your e-bike
  • Makes e-bikes attractive (promotes sales)
  • Add-on service feature
  • Sets your business apart from the competition

Contact and service

Contact and service