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The product portfolio of CarGarantie – Professional, service-oriented and trend-setting

CarGarantie is continuously adding to its product portfolio according to current market requirements. For instance, in addition to the classic warranty programmes for new and used cars, the warranty specialist also offers its partners special solutions for the motorcycle sector. With roadside assistance, the customer receives important protection against unexpected costs in the event of a breakdown. In addition, the Residual Risk Insurance protects the dealer against high financial risk arising from claims due to legal liability for defects.

A warranty is a key quality factor which ensures a competitive edge in the private car market. What's more, a guarantee will help improve customer loyalty – bringing additional revenue and follow-up business.

  • Cost coverage for 12, 24 or 36 months
  • When the warranty expires: option of a warranty extension
  • Cost coverage according to individual wishes right up to complete coverage
  • Claim processing by experienced professionals
  • Comprehensive marketing support

The benefits for you:

  • Differentiation from private sale
  • Protection in the case of legal liability for defects
  • Optimal customer loyalty
  • Quality improvement of the used car
  • Image enhancement thanks to the additional service offer
  • Promotion of the After Sales business

Every new car today comes with a standard two to three year manufacturer’s warranty. CarGarantie's extended warranty for new cars is a coverage option you can offer your customers for when the manufacturer's warranty expires. This has the additional benefit of binding them to your dealership for at least another year.

  • Extended warranty for an extra 12, 24 or 36 months on top of the manufacturer warranty
  • When the warranty expires: option of a warranty extension
  • Cost coverage according to individual wishes right up to complete coverage
  • Quick and simple claims processing
  • New car extended warranty as an effective sales incentive

The benefits for you:

  • Effective customer loyalty beyond expiry of the manufacturer warranty
  • Greater competitiveness thanks to warranty extension
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Increase in follow-up sales
  • Promotion of the After Sales business
  • Image enhancement thanks to the additional service offer
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Riding a bike is more than just a form of moving. It is an experience, a way of life. For a biker, the journey is the reward. Make your clients feel safe on their journey – Bike|PROTECTION by CarGarantie offers reliable protection against unexpected repair costs.

  • Bike|PROTECTION by CarGarantie for new and used motorcycles
  • 12, 24 or 36-month warranty period
  • Complete coverage as good as a new motorcycle warranty
  • Extendable warranty period
  • Individual customer contact programmes can be selected

The benefits for you: 

  • Better customer loyalty and utilisation of workshop capacity
  • Clearer competitive advantage
  • Protection against legal liability for defects
  • Independence from the private market
  • Additional sales arguments

In addition to its warranty plans, CarGarantie offers you the option of covering your customers for the unexpected expense of a breakdown. CarGarantie's Mobility Plan provides coverage for the recovery of a broken-down vehicle as well as all related costs in the wake of the breakdown, including emergency overnight accommodation, a rental car or rail tickets.

  • Protection against unexpected costs in the event of a breakdown
  • Restoring of the vehicle to working order
  • Acceptance of tow costs
  • Provision of a courtesy car
  • Return or onward journey with another form of transport

The benefits for you:

  • Sharpening of your profile among customers due to this additional product
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Promotion of the After Sales business
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Additional enhancement of the warranty

Since the extension of consumer protection for vehicle purchases, the demands of the end consumer have risen dramatically. Therefore, play it safe and protect yourself from claims arising from liability for material defects.

    • Supplementary insurance to the warranty, which covers the damages in case of liability
    • Support and assistance by the CarGarantie CallCenter Law
    • Handling of all correspondence
    • Payment of legal fees and court costs in the event of a dispute

    The benefits for you:

    • Complete coverage of financial risks through liability for material defects
    • Promotion of customer satisfaction
    • Time saving
    • Legal certainty and support from legal experts
    • Avoiding disputes and irritation

    The simplest and most effective customer loyalty tool is a warranty. CarGarantie helps you to seize this opportunity with its efficient customer relationship programmes - for the extended new car warranty, the used car warranty and the warranty extensions.

    Customer contact programme

    • Extensive mailshot programme
    • Personal customer card
    • Dealer-specific design
    • Regular customer letters on behalf of the car dealership
    • Monthly report on customers contacted

    Extension programme

    • Customer letter concerning warranty extension
    • Offer of warranty extension to customers
    • Data check in advance to identify whether possibility of warranty extension exists
    • Dealer-specific or generic CG letter can be selected

    The benefits for you:

    • Greater customer loyalty
    • Greater customer identification with your dealership
    • Boost for service image
    • Follow-up business in the workshop and accessories area
    • Differentiation from the competition and private market
    • Complete handling by CarGarantie: design, creation, production and monthly distribution
    • No extra effort: time saved to focus on your own core business
    • Provided monthly report makes telephone follow-up support easy

    In E-Bike-Garantie by CarGarantie, dealerships have an ideal service and performance package that sets them apart from their competitors and the private market. Benefit from the many advantages that a partnership with CarGarantie brings you!

    • Upgraded representation of your e-bikes
    • Optimal cover
    • Reimbursement of repair and spare parts costs as well as transportation costs
    • Can be concluded as part of the manufacturer’s warranty
    • Only wear and tear parts, accessories and self-incurred damage excluded from cover

    The benefits for you:

    • Enhances the image and quality of your e-bike
    • Makes e-bikes attractive (promotes sales)
    • Add-on service feature
    • Sets your business apart from the competition

    With CarGarantie’s direct marketing model, your customers can take out their warranty via an online portal. All you need to do is register the customer’s interest and forward this to CarGarantie.

    • Direct conclusion of warranty with end customer
    • Collection of monthly payments through CarGarantie
    • Products selected in keeping with customer’s needs and wishes
    • Follow-up telephone calls

    The benefits for you:

    • Customer loyalty
    • Warranties available after maintenance or general inspection
    • Unique selling point
    • Less work due to elimination of warranty cover issuing and accounting processes at the dealership
    • Secure income, including through follow-up repairs

    With CampGarantie, caravan owners can enjoy carefree trips in their mobile homes. However, it is mainly a tool for dealers to strengthen customer loyalty in the used and new vehicle business and to demonstrate a clear sign of quality. Customers can acquire the long-term protection from repair costs only when purchasing from specialised dealers for mobile homes and campers.

    • Protection for mobile homes for 12, 24 or 36 months after expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty
    • Protection for used mobile homes for up to 24 months, starting with vehicle purchase
    • Extended warranty for new campers for 12, 24 or 36 months
    • Protection for used caravans for 12 or 24 months

    The benefits for you:

    • Effective customer loyalty programme and increased competitiveness
    • Differentiation from competitors and private sellers
    • Support of after-sales business
    • Enhanced image due to additional services
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction