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Cooperation between Hyundai and CarGarantie

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Hyundai Motor Company Italy and CarGarantie have signed a new framework agreement for used vehicles. Thanks to the two warranty programmes Hyundai Promise and Hyundai Approved, customers of used Hyundai vehicles will in future enjoy comprehensive warranty protection. This means that a new manufacturer partner now relies on the services of CarGarantie.

Optimum protection for Hyundai vehicles
Both programmes offer a warranty duration of either 12 or 24 months. With Hyundai Promise, used Hyundai-branded vehicles up to five years old can enjoy comprehensive coverage that includes all components with only few exceptions. The Hyundai Promise warranty is available for up to 60 months of vehicle age or 120,000 kilometres total mileage.
The Hyundai Approved programme protects until up to eight years of age and covers all important and costly components. The warranty can be concluded no later than 96 months after the date of first registration an up to 160,000 kilometres in total mileage.

More effective protection in the event of  damage
If a damge occurs, CarGarantie covers all labour and material costs, regardless of the vehicle's mileage at the time of the damage.
The warranty protection applies throughout Europe: If a damage occurs outside Italy, vehicle owners will quickly receive all the help they need.

Gernot Kuen, Director  CarGarantie Italy:
"With the warranty programmes developed in cooperation with Hyundai, buyers of used vehicles will be protected from unexpected repair costs. We are thus helping to meet the needs of Hyundai customers in the used-vehicle sector. The Hyundai dealer network has the opportunity to keep customers loyal to the brand for a longer period of time and generate more business and profits in the aftermarket. We are delighted about this new cooperation and the trust that Hyundai places in our services."

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