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50th anniversary of CarGarantie

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Since its foundation in 1971, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG has become one of the leading experts in the field of warranty and customer loyalty programmes throughout Europe. Manufacturers, importers and dealers in 19 countries rely on CarGarantie's expertise and service. Without the trust of the contract partners, such a success story would be unthinkable. In 2021, the specialist insurer celebrates its 50th anniversary - and expresses its gratitude to all partners for their many years of cooperation. At the same time, CarGarantie always has its sights firmly set on the future.

Warranties and other customer loyalty programmes have become an indispensable part of today's vehicle business. Almost all manufacturers and dealers offer corresponding products to gain the trust of their customers and to tie them to their company. In Germany, CarGarantie was one of the pioneers in this field: As early as 1971, the company offered the first warranties for used vehicles, followed ten years later by the first warranty insurance policies. CarGarantie was one of the first providers whose product portfolio also included international warranties.

This innovative approach, combined with carefully implemented expansion efforts, led to success: most recently, in 2019, a comprehensive study by the market research company Finaccord found that CarGarantie had become the leading manufacturer-independent warranty insurer in Europe. In this way, CarGarantie has played a significant role in shaping the European market as a pioneer in the development of warranty products.

Longstanding cooperations

Today, all major manufacturers and importers in various European countries work closely with CarGarantie - a total of more than 40 companies and thus almost all major brands in the automotive industry. More than 23,000 specialist dealers throughout Europe rely on CarGarantie services. The company sees itself not only as a warranty insurer: CarGarantie supports the trade holistically - through comprehensive customer contact programmes, legal services, marketing services and close personal support by an experienced sales force. This makes CarGarantie one of the most comprehensive full-service providers in the industry.

Direct contact with the contract partners is a top priority. This is also reflected in the duration of the cooperations: CarGarantie has been working with many companies for decades, often even since the market launch in the respective country. Jointly, warranty and other customer loyalty programmes are designed and optimally adapted to the respective needs. Increasingly, the focus is on pan-European, cross-border cooperation.

Focus on the future

This transnational, future-oriented approach is supported by a continuous review and optimisation of processes. CarGarantie is constantly working on modern, trend-setting concepts to continue on this path into the future.
CarGarantie is also continuing to drive expansion. The current trend is moving more towards long-term warranties, and electric and other alternative forms of propulsion are also becoming increasingly important. CarGarantie already offers modern, specialised products for this, which take the special requirements into account. In this way, CarGarantie can not only react quickly to trends and market developments, but also actively shape them.

The CarGarantie Management Board:

"The past five decades naturally fill us with pride about our achievements. But it is also an occasion to direct our gaze even more strongly towards the future. By focusing on our core business and constantly reviewing and reorganising internal processes, CarGarantie is undergoing a permanent change with the aim of supporting our contractual partners even more effectively and comprehensively. Our vision is to be the European market leader in our overall segment by 2025 at the latest - a transformation that requires great effort, but for which the past 50 years have laid the perfect foundation. We would like to thank all our partners for their long-standing and good cooperation as well as their loyal and fair collaboration."

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Dr Marcus Söldner, Anna Biesenthal, Wolfgang Bach