Infiniti partners with CarGarantie

Europe-wide premium cover

Freiburg-based warranty specialist CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG has concluded an agreement with Nissan International Services Company SARL through which three warranty products are being offered for the Infiniti luxury brand. The agreement applies to Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, and covers new, used and young vehicles. With this deal, another importer is placing its trust in CarGarantie’s service.

Premium cover for premium vehicles
The warranty products Advantage Preferred for new cars and Infiniti Approved for used and young cars mean that Infiniti customers will enjoy comprehensive damage cover from now on. With all three products offering full protection, virtually every part or component will be covered, with few exceptions.
Anyone purchasing an Infiniti will have the option of taking out the Advantage Preferred warranty at any time provided that their Infiniti vehicle is no older than 36 months after its initial registration or reaches no more than 100,000 km total mileage. Infiniti Approved is even free for anyone purchasing a used Infiniti car: Every vehicle signed up to the Infiniti Approved programme will automatically come with this warranty. To qualify, used vehicles must not be older than six years from their initial registration date or have reached a mileage of more than 150,000 km; for young cars, the restrictions are 36 months or 100,000 km.

International cooperation
In signing this new agreement, CarGarantie and Nissan, which have already been partnering on new car extended warranties and used car warranties for over 15 years, are extending their cooperation into further territories. As a result, the warranty cover will now apply Europe-wide. Vehicle owners will receive swift and comprehensive assistance even if the damage occurs outside the country where the warranty was concluded. In future, Infiniti customers will therefore enjoy reliable cross-border coverage.

Dr. Marcus Söldner, Chief Sales Officer
“As a premium brand, Infiniti has high expectations of its partners and we feel honoured that the quality of the warranties and service that CarGarantie offers proved to be a compelling argument in their decision-making process. Through the Advantage Preferred and Infiniti Approved products that have been developed in cooperation with Nissan, Infiniti customers will have the option of being covered against unanticipated costs. In doing so, we are helping to meet Infiniti owner demands, including for used vehicles, and we can further extend our long-standing partnership with Nissan.”


Image: Nissan International SA (NISA)