Comprehensive warranty protection for electric vehicles

e.GO Mobile AG and CarGarantie cooperate

The Aachen-based electric car manufacturer e.GO Mobile AG and CarGarantie have signed a framework agreement and jointly developed warranty protection for all e.GO brand vehicles. With the e.GO Guardian New Car Extended Warranty, the customer can be protected against repair costs for up to five years after purchase.

Reliable coverage

The e.GO Guardian is offered with a duration of either 12, 24 or 36 months. It ties directly into the two-year manufacturer's warranty and includes comprehensive component coverage. That way, the warranty covers the most important parts of the vehicle from the electric powertrain and transmission to the air conditioning system.

Safe in the event of a warranty claim

In the event of a warranty claim, CarGarantie reimburses the full labour and material costs without the vehicle owner having to pay in advance. Only after a total mileage of 50,000 kilometres does the warranty holder pay a small part of the material costs, calculated according to the actual kilometres driven. In addition, the warranty is valid throughout Europe for holiday and business trips.

Enno Martin, Director Cooperations CarGarantie:

"We are delighted that, for the first time, we have been able to win a purely electric vehicle manufacturer as a partner with e.GO. The warranty protects the customer from repair costs in case of emergency and is at the same time a quality statement for e.GO vehicles. It is therefore not only a good measure for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but can also be marketed accordingly to stimulate vehicle sales ."

Martin Sommer, Vice President Sales e.GO Life:

"When purchasing e.GO Life, we offer our customers a modern, secure overall concept. CarGarantie, with its many years of experience and agile way of working, is a partner from whom our customers and we can profit in the long term".

(pictured, from left to right: Director Cooperations (CarGarantie) Enno Martin, Vice President Sales Life (e.GO) Dr. Martin Sommer, and Service Product Manager (e.GO) Nina Schmidt in front of the headquarters of e.GO Mobile AG in Aachen. Copyright: e.GO Mobile AG)