30 years Toyota Kreditbank

18 years of cooperation with CarGarantie

The Toyota Komplett programme offers customers all-round, problem-free mobility with financing, service contracts and vehicle warranty. Partner of the Toyota Kreditbank GmbH is the special insurer CarGarantie. Now the two companies are making the programme future-proof with an innovation.


Simplicity, comfort, reliability, quality - values for which both Toyota Germany, Toyota Kreditbank and CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG stand. For more than 18 years, the warranty and customer loyalty specialist has been working with Toyota's headquarters in Cologne to offer Toyota drivers convenient solutions for full financial transparency and cost security. One of the most successful programmes is "Toyota Komplett", developed in collaboration with Toyota Kreditbank, Toyota Deutschland GmbH and the Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe. Toyota Komplett is a vehicle financing solution that fully covers the customer throughout the entire term: The package not only includes a follow-up warranty to extend the manufacturer's warranty, but also a service programme. Toyota Komplett includes all mandatory maintenance and inspection work. The customer simply pays the financing, service contract and warranty at a monthly rate and obtains full protection - for up to 5 years.

Vehicle financing is handled by Toyota Kreditbank GmbH, while CarGarantie is responsible for service plans and the follow-up warranty. The customer, on the other hand, is presented with a single, consistent package: He receives all services from a single source, without having to deal with different providers.


The Goal: Progress

After the previous successes, the programme is now being adjusted. In the future, Toyota Komplett will comprise two different ranges of services: One for conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles, another specifically for hybrid vehicles where Toyota is a trendsetter. As a result, the range is even better tailored to the needs of customers and the various vehicle types. In turn, dealers benefit not only from improved customer satisfaction, but also from long-term customer loyalty: The customer is bound to the dealership for the entire period of the Toyota Komplett programme - this ensures better workshop utilisation and increases the dealer's profit. However, Toyota Kreditbank and CarGarantie have further expanded their cooperation: A new variant, which combines the Toyota Komplett programme with vehicle leasing, was introduced on 1 June 2018.


Pioneer in Trust

The protection offered by Toyota Komplett is especially important for helping to reduce possible reservations about drives such as hybrid technology. Financing in conjunction with all-round protection against repair and maintenance costs sends a clear signal to the customer about cost security and transparency.

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Axel Berger, CEO CarGarantie, and Bernhard Becklönne, Director Sales CarGarantie:

"We are proud to have accompanied Toyota Kreditbank and Toyota Deutschland for over 18 years. Such a long-term and on both sides successful partnership shows the mutual trust - and how well the Toyota quality claim and the CarGarantie services fit together.

It is important not to rest on what has already been achieved, but to help shape changes. Both Toyota Kreditbank, Toyota Deutschland and CarGarantie have successfully achieved this. Especially the adaptation to the hybrid sector is of great importance: Alternative drive technologies are becoming increasingly important, and Toyota Kreditbank, Toyota Deutschland and CarGarantie are well prepared for this.

With this in mind, we congratulate Toyota Kreditbank on its 30th anniversary and look forward to continuing along the same path."