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As a reliable partner, CarGarantie places great emphasis on stability and longevity.


We are the leading specialist insurer of warranties for vehicle manufacturers and dealers in Europe.

With over 50 years of experience and an annual premium income of about € 230 million as well as a market presence in 19 countries, CarGarantie is one of the leading specialist insurers for warranty and customer loyalty programmes for new and used vehicles in Europe. More than 40 manufacturers/importers and over 23,000 specialised dealers trust in CarGarantie's individualised warranty programmes and the high service quality provided.

CarGarantie as an employer

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CarGarantie epitomises premium service, innovation and pro-active customer orientation. As a service provider, dedicated employees form the backbone of our successful activities, because a warranty is only as good as the service and the team behind it. The best practice of our services can only be achieved through competent specialist staff.

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